Specializing in Fine Fabric Cleaning

You don't want fabric cleaners that will hide a stain or make it fade, you want a cleaner that can eliminate it entirely. For over 18 years, that's exactly what we've been doing up and down the Central Valley.


Common stains, such as from red wine, chewing gum, water marks, and coffee have all been treated with success. We can even remove tough tar damage.


Get fabric cleaning that counts when you call Signature Fabric Care today. Don't settle for less than Signature clean.

We don't cut corners

Don't let a spill spoil your evening

There's nothing worse than having a party come to a grinding halt while somebody runs for the towels and everyone else ducks for cover.


Next time, just sop up the wetness, carry on, and call us in the morning. We'll lift the stain like it never happened.

Call today

Make stains a thing of the past. A single

phone call is all it takes to restore your fabrics to their former glory.

• Carpets

• Rugs

• Upholstery

• The bottle

We can get wine out of anything

We keep up

Innovation doesn't slow down. That's why we spend some time every year in classes learning about the latest and greatest in fabric cleaning tools and techniques.

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